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In the Land Use Project, we are preparing several databases with full documentation, and the research reports, map collection, and digital data of the project.
For further information contact: GIS Communications

At present, the following databases are available:
  • More than 7000 analogous maps cataloged in our Mapoteca

    In this search engine you can find information about map references available in our Mapoteca. Among the information that you can find is the Call Number, Title, Author, Scale, Measurements, Window and List of entries to find the information that you need. If you want to obtain one of the maps please contact GIS Communications with the respective call number.

Existent Maps
South America Asia and Oceania Africa Central America
Click over Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Asia and Oceania to see more information about existent maps

In the last 15 years the Land Use Project, formerly the Agroecological Studies Unit, has collected some 7000 maps so that we now have one of the best map collections at national level. The "mapoteca" (or map library) counts on a large collection of maps at different scales and of different countries mainly of the tropical zone. These maps are found registered in the database (ISIS).

The optimization of the mapoteca database as a good consultation tool for CIAT users is one of the activities being carried out by the personnel of the Data Capture Group. The result of this work will be supported by delivery of the manual of database information entries, the creation of its own thesaurus, and the standardization of the data used in the database. External users and internal CIAT users will benefit from the improvements of the database in the search for information of maps as a backup for source information required in the different projects.

  • Climate Database

    The Land Use Project has collected climate data in stations located in the tropics for over 20 years. The climate database is one of the largest collections of climate information in the world, and contains registrations of more than 20,000 stations of Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

    Based on these data, we have created climate surfaces to continental level that permit us to give reports in the present, and to make future predictions of climate conditions. This information is fundamental in various research fields, both environmental and agricultural.

  • Catalog of research reports, scientific reports, annual reports, projects, workshop proceedings, etc.

    In this search engine you can find bibliographic references regarding the documentation to be found in the small library of the Land Use Project, if you require more information about a specific document please contact GIS Communications.

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